Ethically Sourced, High Quality

BB HAIR XO hair is 100% Human European and contains some of the highest quality hair and craftsmanship in the world. We have strived to find the best quality and ethically sourced hair on the market for the past few years and we have finally found it!

Having to go through such a process to secure a factory is not at all easy but we can proudly say our hair is 100% ethically sourced. All of our hair is tagged with a donor identification system and given to our factory, then your beautiful extensions are produced!

Our hair extensions all have the cuticle intact and preserved, the high quality enables you to get long term up 1-2 years wear with proper care and maintenance.

Our factory is committed to producing high quality, silicone free, ethically sourced hair extensions with high employee safety standards.

Whether you're looking for all the sought after shades of blonde, or irresistible brunette or black shades, our hair extensions are made of the utmost quality and longevity.

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