In 2014, Our founder Bailey Buchynski, was tired of having so many horrible hair extension sets that barely last a few weeks; which is why she created BB HAIR XO. Over the years it has evolved into a professional premium quality hair extension brand that provides high quality hair for every budget. Our hair is high end and made for professional hairstylists and ethically sourced.


We pride our brand on top quality, our BB HAIR XO extension collections are made with double drawn, triple thick, 100% high-quality Remy European human hair that lasts up to a year+ (depending on proper care) We offer the thickest hair, and damage-free extensions for top of the line hair transformations on almost all hair types. We offer fast shipping, worldwide, and no hidden fees. We also offer flexible payment options for those on a budget!



Eight years ago, Bailey knew that there was high demand for good quality hair extensions at affordable prices without worrying about where they are coming from. “As a young woman in 2014, I turned to hair extensions to help me feel confident about my shorter hair that I just couldnt get to grow to a length that I wanted - I found it very hard to find good quality hair that I could afford as a young student, going to school and working two jobs.” explains the entrepreneur. “So i decided to go out and find them and edcuate myself!”

In 2019 once covid hit, Bailey decided to pivot her business plan and instead of just installing hair extensions she changed her business into the brand known as BB HAIR XO that would not only provide, but support salons and stylists on building their own business while having the ability to purchase top quality hair extensions for their clients. “I knew how hard this industry is, especially with the competativeness of other stylists and I didnt like that! I beleive as a beauty industry professional we all need to support eachother and thats what I am set out to do! It was right then and there that I decided that I was going to be the one to not only supply some of the best quality hair, but bring all beauty professionals together to help and support eachother and that’s how BB HAIR XO was created"

"We have alot of major things happening for us in 2022 and we cannot thank all our customers and stylists enough for all the support you have given"

Bailey Buchynski